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| Nautilus-Token™ • nautilusmaker® • kfh896rva327 |

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As the case of the San Jose shows, submarine salvage is big business.

What is needed is a big submarine that can park near the salvage site , and recover things with a ROV on a short cable.

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The token is a part ownership on a submarine that is capeable of global travel, can reach medium ocean depth and salvage anything in a complete surface independent operation.This submarine has no downtime due to weather interference.

The token is a part ownership on all value this private submarine recovers, and on the submarine itself and its operation.

• Values will be transfered to the token value. (details in the token boardroom )
• Tokens can be liquidated at any time

This was first applied by Simon Lake who was the inspiration for Jules Verne. In his novel Verne fathoms the potential "Captain Nemo the richest man on Earth" - Nautilus ran Gold as Ballast... (not a exageration considering that one galleon like the SAN JOSE is worth Billions (with a b) and there are 800 reported in the archives in Cartagena - still missing - 20 of those in the same value class as the San Jose - in colombian territorial waters allone. What makes the San Jose so outstanding is only, that the press is all over the case....

To get more details please ask for access to the project boardroom | info@tolimared.com |



| http://concretesubmarine.com | key technology | submarine salvage | large scale | deep ocean | advanced cement composite technology |

| Simon Lake | salvage from a submarine |

context: submarine crawlers save diamond industry

| colombian territorial waters | 800 sunken galleons | 20 of them in the “San Jose value class” | a salvage operation of gargantuan scale | do something now or loose them | colombia’s options | San Jose as pilot of a much wider and ambitious project | the San Jose first scenario | the San Jose last scenario | DIMAR in charge | joint venture | government supported treasure hunt tokens | kfh896rva327 | lkm253rgh956 |


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| Wilfried Ellmer | Cartagena Colombia | twice the size of the Ben Franklin - PX 15 | room and living space equivalent of a 60 square-meter apartment | submarine yacht |

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