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| San Jose • treasure hunt token • NemoToken™ | colored token | special token | lkm253rgh956 |

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If you don´t know what the San Jose is, please read into the topic | Here |

The deal which is on the table (at the time i am writing this up) is the follwing -

USD 71,3 million in, as upfront money - USD 1.2 Billion back as ROI

The Colombian Government reaches out to the international investor community to put 73,1 M USD on the table.
This money will be used by a consortium of archeologists technology and logistics providers to do the salvage operation in a "state of the art" setup.
Colombia is not part of the UN Convention - so it can do with the salvaged value more or less how it pleases.
Due to the special status of Colombia there are no legal fights about the shipwreck
What the government has put on the table is a split of the salvaged value on a 50% base with the investors who facilitate the operation.
Our group is putting out this token option to step into this deal | which is in short text

The investors have to upfront USD 71,3 M

They will be rewarded with what could be several billion (with a b) from the salvage value

| USD 1,2 Billion has been named as a value that can be expected | a 50% split is still on the table |
This is not the usual treasure hunt opt in - it is government backed and operated | the wreck is located and identified beyond doubth | The value is well documented in the archives in Cartagena. |

So we are talking of USD 1 invested converts to USD 164

- or even much better - in just a few months of salvage operation. That should catch investor interest...



What we plan is, to offer token opt in, until the whole upfront sum is covered. | 14,3 million tokens USD 5 each |

For now you can only opt in for “reserving tokens” you are supposed to send money, (to materialize your tokens ), when the deal with the colombian government is in place.

You basicly promise to buy x tokens at a value of USD 5 each, in case we can get the deal for the wreck in place.

We will not recieve the money from the investors until we have a definite deal with the Government in place.

Once we have that, the investors transfer the funds . Operations on the ship-wreck begin.

The value recovered from the wrecksite will be split according to the token ownership.

The token owners take no “active role” in the operation - only the colombian government (DIMAR) does . This is importantant for the “public aspect” of the operation.

Our Group is playing the role of a business integrator keeping the interests of the parties balanced, and bringing in the correct (unbiased) operators for the necessary jobs on base of a neutral, international, expertise. (The Santos - MAC group is out , due to the public reject, a very different setup is required, we offer the solution.)


To get started please ask for access | info@tolimared.com | to the project boardroom where further details will be talked under a NDA agreement |

The colored token for the San Jose project is not bound by the yield promise of 10% per year that the classic NemoToken™ holds.

This is due to the fact that its “fundamental drivers” that support this token are very different.

It should be understood as extreme yield token for extreme specialist investors who undestand the specifics and risks of marine salvage operations.


The typical thought of token buyers here would be …

If i invest USD 5000 into this - i could afford the loss - it’s no big deal.
But if that really works out, my USD 5000 can convert to USD 820.000 - in just a few months - what is a lot of money for me.

I actually can not think of any other opportunity where such a thing is offered to me.

Be aware of the following:

If the colombian Government takes the deal from the table there is no business case. This is why our Group only will actually recieve the money from the investors, when we have a green light from the Government.
What you can do at the moment is reserve your tokens. There will only be 14,3 million tokens offered at USD 5 each. To cover the upfront sum.
You can express your interest to buy a amount X of tokens, get on the list, and get access to the project boardroom.
In this project boardroom, details will be talked under NDA agreement, and updates will be distributed on regular base, to the token owner community.
To get on the list and get access to the boardroom contact here | info@tolimared.com |


| check the classic NemoToken™ | token code color gtr756pol865 | ocean colonization technology | floating real estate |



| President Santos | trying to cut a deal and socialize it with the public | santos and his group MAC are out | President Duque is in charge now | the figure of an APP to get the job done is in revision | to check on how this will pan out please join the boardroom by contacting | info@tolimared.com |


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