| gtr756pol865 | token color | classic NemoToken™ |

| gtr756pol865 | token color | classic NemoToken™ | agreement between Ellmer Group and the token owners |

| gtr756pol865 |

is the color of the classic NemoToken™

it is agreed between Ellmer Group and the token holders that this token has the following characteristics.

| 10% per year fixed yield | 20 year real estate value increase equivalent |

• when holding the tokens 20years you do not only get 20x10=200% - you also get the value that was stored in the “floating real estate built up” in "real estate equivalent liquidated "

Our core business model creates floating real estate worth 102 times its building cost on the local real estate market (Cartagena de Indias) | check out how this works |

Forbes Confirms: | Floating Cities: The Next big Real Estate Boom | profits 100 fold

So basicly we transform the money coming in in form of tokens to floating real estate square meters. The value increase potential of the business field is USD1 put into the business results in USD 102 return on investment (if 100% of the business potential of the market is capured by the venture)

We expect to be fairly successful to capture a signifficant portion of this business potential.

The value increase is split in two parts:

• A 10% value increase of the tokens which is a fixed promise to the token investors.

• The rest of the value increase ( that can be 90% per year if we can pull a big part of the potential ) This "restvalue is stored in the token also but in a different form. It is stored in the value of the floating real estate that is owned by all token owners collectivly.

Only if you hold your token for 20 years you get the second part the value of the real estate liquidated for your tokens.

So if you hold your NemoToken™ for 10 years you get a duplication of the capital invested (10x10=100%) which is much more than most investors make.

but you leave the “real good part” behind in the tokenpool ( the 90% per year if we are exceptional successful )

In this case if you take it like an investor or a capital lender the NemoToken™ is prime investment (10% per year fixed yield)

If you take it like a founder and stay for 20 years or longer you get not only the 10% you also get the other part which can be as much as 90% so you would get 100% capital yield per year what makes the NemoToken™ engagement play in the class of “best investment ever”.

This scenario depends on, that we can materialize the business potential, in the full extent, in the 20 years to come. We are confident that we can do so. (We tested it out in pilot projects already).
To benefit from this scenario you need to have faith in the future and success of our business model and in our capacity to pull it of - it is part of the token design that we intend to reward your faith and long term support abundantly.

The NemoToken™ is covered by the golden rule

Golden Rule | gtr756pol865 token | The token owners and the founders need to sit in the same boat always. There is no split in treatment between equity and token owners they are one and the same thing.
The board of token owners (mayority owners) oversees the business decisions made by Ellmer Group to ensure convenient decision making processes.
Wilfried Ellmer and his group is trusted to steer the business in a convenient way to realize as much potential as possible in the diverse projects.
The token owners play the role of a silent partnership with Ellmer Group.
They are "in the boat" with financial gain and with access to the technology and the club assets (club membership) - but they do not weight in on detailed business decisions.

This is a measure to keep the decision making process streamlined.

For founder type investors who are interested in being a central part of the decision making process there are also options - to get more please contact | info@tolimared.com |

buy the “classic nemo token” | token code | gtr756pol865 |

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| business model floating real estate |

| USD 1 into the operation converts in USD 102 in floating real estate value on the local market (Cartagena) |

context | understand floating real estate |

The classic NemoToken™ is the backbone of our operation given the business model and the market size - we have room to grow.

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context | solving the seasteading technology bottleneck |

The philosophy of the NemoToken™

The idea behind the NemoToken™ is to enable everybody to participate in our venture.

The enthusiastic Kid

A kid fascinated by our venture can buy a single token for USD 5 and open a user on the forums . He will be part of the discussion, can read into the more advanced stuff the public has no access to. It is a USD 5 engagement and that is all.

The cautious interested in the topic of ocean colonization

They will buy a few NemoToken™ , stay in the loop, check on the technology, and see where the venture goes and enjoy the ride…to serious invest down the road if it looks convenient.

Investors looking for a constant capital yield of 10% for parking big amounts of money

The NemoToken™ will be appealing to them due to the business model of creating real estate where there was non. This provides a “constant value increase” not suceptible to fluctuations of money magic and speculation .

So the NemoToken™ is a good "store of value" where things can reasonably be expected to only go up, never down.
This makes being massivly invested into NemoToken™ a good business with little to worry about. It is basicly "investing into infrastructure" in a "emerging market" of "enormous size" and "high potential". A market that is ultmatly a real estate and housing market so investment as safe as it comes.
And you still get more yield than investment in S&P companies on average. (which gives lame 2% per year on average)

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NemoToken™ | which value is captured by the token |


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