| Business-Connection-Token™ | code | hkl798ebh923 |

The business connetion token is a token of general use that creates a connection between our network and your company.

• start to explore opportunities
• suggest strategic partnerships
• analyse and test markets in Latin America and Europe
• advisory
• mentoring
• connect to key people
• get answers
• solve specific logistics and management problems

With the purchase of a few of those tokens the advantages of being connected to our network start to materialize.

Down the road you can keep it a small pilot project or get seriously involved and invested along a token agreement that you can write according to your needs and preferences.

| Paypal Token Buy | | Bitcoin Token Buy |

Please copy the token code | hkl798ebh923 | into the (paypal, bitcoin) payment form, so we can know which tokens you purchase.

The most frequent projects are small exploration projects on a € 453 Budget ( 90 tokens).

We take the budget and use our digital marketing network in latin america to make you visible for potential customers in this region.

The idea of this modest starting point is to get the the following reaction from you:

" If those people can do that much with this kind of microbudget - what else could they do for us if serious budgets would become involved "

The follow up projects that get rolled out on base of successfully performed test projects, are no longer managed over the Business Connction Token ™ but rather built on very customer specific agreements based on the customer need and preferences…


is merely a exploration phase token…to do some preliminiary testing …and get a feel for the how and what of cooperation with our network…