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• arnold | balsa | alternatives | container included? |

status: arnold is “almost ready” | arnold trying to bounce back - want sell more - leverage pressing is on |


• window frames | underwater rooms | gustavo and beyond |

your question: | can we explore beyond gustavo |

my answer : | need to build a project file and socialize it with the industry | kind of extensive project | that requires USD 2000 budget |

how a project file looks like | RU8563-Tubes | RU8564-Resin | RU8565-Balsa | RU8566-Ballast | The Project number to follow would be | RU8567 |


you expressed doubt that “inbound marketing” for provider connect - is necessary and convenient


• bus windows | the case for bus windows examples |

| the case for bus windows | design principle - ballast - window room - reserve bouyancy › sinking excluded

| underwater windows design bases | a smart design bluprint | a mini underwater room we can build in a day and sell thousends of times with good imediate return on investment › making seasteading sustainable | how big needs a seasteading product to be ?


• concrete spar solution on a 103 K budget

200 tons of displacement

my offer is at | underwater-room | I offer a 34 m long tube of 2m diameter with a 6m spherical underwater room ( 200 cubic meter of displacement ) at a price of of USD 103 K - to get a mounting point for a seapod in deep water.


• barge project

the usefulness of a barge collecting and delivering stuff was discussed | a viable budget was discussed | semisubmerged load / unload was discussed as an option |

status: | we might look for a suitable barge |
question: how do you want to proceed ?


• building the seapod in one piece

| http://imulead.com/1_pic/tree-house-basket.jpg | yellow treehouse |

basket style construction (eventually bamboo) is cheap and fast

I would accept a prototype project on a 100k budget level to start inmediatly

project objective: something that looks and feels just equal to the existing seapod on a much lower budget - driven by “different (easier) construction technology”

further context: | yurt structure bamboo dome |


• san jose salvage | the state framework | the token | the upfront sum | the business structure |

status : careful when dealing with the state - but why not / (it is just not exactly my wheelhouse…)
| nautilus token | san jose token |


• personal branding project

doing some stuff on a voluntary basis - mostly building up the project files so we get a better feedback when contacting potential providers ( the providers google you up on internet and decide if it is “worth their time” to respond your request ) it is convenient to give the impression that “there is a mayor project going on in linton bay” where the request comes from …

see what you get do more if you like it…


• narrative management project

| media is putting out a narrative of “the guy who is required for killing by the thai king” and “the desaster voyage of satoshi”…

need to ask the questions:

to what point is it convenient | what is the alternative narrative | how do we get there | will mass media ever cooperate with a favorable seasteading narrative or go just for their stupid “sensation story” every single time…

how can you gradually change the narrative

the role of the search engines to blurr the media narrative

how do we get there in a practical way


• strategic cooperation

i am looking for deepening and widening our strategic cooperation on many levels…

from my side i want to explore a range of topics beyond that…

Kindest Regards | Wilfried Ellmer |


• emerald projects

| safe value store | no fiat | no big brother | no inflation | crisis comes - you smile | your assets are safe |

yacht emerald service
silicone valley connection emerald service
investor emerald service


• product pipeline

beyond the “star project” seapod / ecopod
what else can be built and sold with a fast return on investment
a constant revenue stream of stuff selling on a dayly base would be great
small floating platforms for all kind of use come to mind


• linton bay yacht service cluster

marine services
marine socializing hub
monaco in the caribbean

strategy | marketing | and implementation of floating infrastructure | in the next 5 years


• linton bay yacht yacht event floating platform

strategy | marketing | and implementation of floating infrastructure | in the next 5 years


• building the nautilus

strategy | marketing | and implementation of floating infrastructure | in the next 5 years

captain nemo oceanic lifestyle
business model nautilus


• me moving to linton bay taking care of stuff

| inauguration visit 22 |

in general terms i am open for exploring the possibility to bring my technology know how and internet presence into the linton bay project | please contact info@tolimared.com and start a conversation |


• linton bay moving to cartagena opening a branch office


• advanced cement composite shells

advanced cement composite technology | light shell building | concrete canoe competition | a cement composite shell is literally undistingishable from a resin shell | new building technologies that open the the door to seasteading | solving the ocean colonization technology bottleneck |


• Floating-Rock™

| advanced cement composite technology | light core materials |

| floating rock | advanced cement composite | seasteading |


• building the floating building site

| at the moment you have a land based hangar and production site |

• it would definitly “make the point” to investors and skeptics if at least part of the production would be floating on the water surface showcasing the seasteading vision in practice…

context: the ocean is the assembly line

context:floating construction site (never call it a ship)


Floating Marina Walkways

teleconference on the topic of:

| mix design | agregates in 3 groups | rebar in saltwater ambients | deforming | additives | prestressed concrete | steel forms | freeforming | light building vs of the shelf concrete building | laminated cement building methods |

context: possibility of me comming to linton bay seasteading hub (point 16)

posible roles: advisor, mentor, technology tranfer, etc…anything is on the table ( contact info@tolimared.com - start a conversation |

context methods price points: building methods | heavy | medium | light | advanced cement composite technology


Oceanic free floating fish cages

where we stand now the industry in panama is paying usd 1m for a cage in “net materials”
we can do (by far) better…

the future of food production • feeding the planet

context: what is here already

context: oceanic aquaculture

context: taming the blue frontier