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the smallest version of a draupner impact safe oceanic living space bubble i have ever seen … althoug tiny - this is capeable to survive the open ocean. It is basicly a rowable rescue pod.

| platform for shore near clubbing and events | there is big business to tap into just a few hundred meter from shore…extend the ocean front | real estate paradigm shift | floating party event club platform |

| floating city in full bloom decades from now down the road | New-Atlantis™ | New-VENICE™ | can defend itself from power abuse - a single floating home not - that should be obvious.

The floating harbors, floating jetties, floating wharfs, floating breakwaters, floating ship repair docks, cruise ships, yachts, industrial installations of today, will slowly evolve into what we envision as seasteading.

It is not about political defiance - it is about broad application of ocean colonization technology and making good money in the process.

a floating home habitat | room space equivalent of a 68 square meter apartment | can go everywhere on the planet | needs to fear no thai government | leave coffee cup on the table in any sea condition | costs less than USD 150k | subdue to nobody | mobilis in mobili | nautilusmaker® | draupner does not even spill your coffee | advanced cement composite technology | oceanic composite shell building |

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• Ask yourself the smart questions:

• Why is Chad molested and threatend in this agressive way - and the fishing boats, ships, and yachts in the same area, althogh containing a lot more living space than his spar, and occupying a much bigger portion of “their ocean” are NOT molested at all - and never will be.

• Note: a ship is considered territory of its flag country on foreign shore - so steering a ship into a thai harbor would be punishable by death according to section 119 criminal code - surpisingly they do not insist in “practical execution of this nonsensical law” in the case of ships - ask yourself the smart question - why is that so? And why do ship captains not shiver in fear of death when headed for thai waters…may it have to do with the fact that ships are useful to them and their unmolested presence convenient.

• Was it really necessary to make a “political statement” and a “defiance thing” out of modest 52 square meter floating family living space.

• Might there be a downside to media hyping the goals of seasteading in this way ?

• Why are they so agressive and molested about the bitcoin component of this ?

Might there be forces at work Chad did not consider sufficiently when deciding that this was a good idea ? And if you decide your answer is yes - what could those forces be ?

• Does the protection of UNCLOS (12 miles) give you any handle in such a case ?

• Does it even matter ?

• If it does not matter what are the things that DO matter ?

• Was the TSI analysis that came to the conclusion, that this is exactly the next thing that should be done, based on complete wrong paradigms ?

• Are we better off now to ditch the word seasteading and name our quest for freedom different ?

• How can we design projects that do not funnel a shit storm of this kind towards the project

• Are there countries that would be a better choice ( i postulated in a earlier thread ten years ago that colombia is such a nation due to its history of being a mosaik of different nations indian and spanish and african culture to work out a come along without killing each other ) it has all kind of territorial special zones…territorial independence is seen as normal part of life not as a threat to the rulers deserving the death penalty.

(you need to understand the state ideas of Simon Bolivar and the history of South America to get the depth and meaning of this )

I assume the Thai culture has its own reason why they see statecraft very different (to founding father Bolivar) and tend to erradicate independence ideas with their law 119 under death threat.

• How is it possible that no local advisor pointed this out before even consider the location Phuket…a fatal project design error ? or a consient act of defiance ? showing them the middle finger - if so - they clearly got the message…


sitting duck in the crosshair…

A different scenario...

Having this view … a Thai patrol boat steering toward me in hostile intention i would just attend channel 16 - explain that i am a private yacht on free passage claiming the freedom of the seas - this call is recorded and published on internet…for safety reasons…

To back up my claim i would dive and dissapear … leaving a bouy for them to fish out of the water with a written declaration what are my intentions (private research submarine | panama flagged | no business to intercept | internet adress to google up | ) - this closes the door completley for them of taking it as "unknown submarine with unclear intention in their waters near their secret naval installation " that needs to be hunted and intercepted …

Nothing on legal base to board and molest left for them…

The living space bubble in the pictures is bigger than Chad´s home, costs half the money to build, and allows a much better “interception handling” keeping you in charge of “the handling of the situation”…

Make sure that it is VERY difficult for them to get a handle on you for very practical reasons (how do you board a dived submarine and dragg the crew out, the standard proceedure of boarding and pointing guns at somebody is not very feasible …)


How would you find and intercept a…mobilis in mobili…concept boat in first place ?

This would be a task way above the head of a standard navy patrol boat like the one that intercepted Chad´s project.

If you ever went whale watching you know how difficult it is for a surface boat to find and follow a whale who does not want to be “intercepted” and prefers to get lost in the wide blue ocean.

Being a sitting duck in the crosshair of the big navy cannon (resembling the bespoke middle finger) is not a great setup…not a “desireable baseline” for a useful interaction and peacefull come along between a floating community and a land government…

| submarine yacht that is the technical equivalent of a whale body | long oceanic voyages with low energy requirements | get lost in the blue ocean | Galt’s Gulch is oceanic | undisturbed oceanic living |

• Who holds all the best cards to play in a theorical interception situation ?

• Can people get pissed off by a presence they are not even aware of ?

• And if they would ever become aware of it, it is clearly covered by the freedom of the seas and the right of free passage.

In practical terms if they do - you are long gone - when they are finished discussing what to do about it…file complaints with the police chief…get interception authorized high up the command chain…bring the necessary equipment in …etc…etc… |

All this plays in your favor - keeps you away from trouble with anybody by default …

• How successful are the most advanced Navies, with the most advanced gear, in hunting " non nuclear mini submarines" in practice ? - the internet gives you the hints…

(sonar gear needs a acoustic signiture to search for - much like a dog tracing a person needs a scent signiture - hunting something unknown with unclear signiture in the vast ocean is - very hard - at best )

The swedish Navy (NATO high tech equipment) is hunting for minisubmarines in their waters - they suspect are there - for decades - without ANY success…

• How much do you think that you need to fear something like the Thai Navy in a casual encounter ?

At the end it is something similar like in the case of cars - you don´t plan to crash into another car - but just in case it happens by accident - you want a car that has airbags…

What you want to avoid, is to be intercepted by somebody random on the open ocean, put as accused in front of a court with rules you don´t understand ( certainly not consent ) and be sentenced to death on base of medival dead law…to make a statement…

So you might consider to go for something “richer in options” and with wider “safety margins” than a spar right outside the 12nm zone of Phuket.

The merit of Chad and Nadia is to have shown in a “real world experiment” - not on a discussion forum - that Unclos is worth shit, if somebody who has a Navy, gets pissed, and comes after you - for whatever reason - when sitting on a spar.

What saved their life in practice was the capability of a small cabinboat to get lost on a big ocean…and good intelligence knowing they where comming…

• Postulate: I think it is safe to postulate that our “submerged and mobile living space bubble habitat” has a capacity much greater to get lost and avoid any Navy than Chad´s cabin boat.

How would somebody know that the guy eating icecream in front of the beach kiosk, who came in with that white rubber dinghi, is living in a submarine yacht that stays a mile out at sea, completly invisible - the guy does not get a cavity check on the airport, and travels worldwide unmolested minding his own business…beyond state interference…subdue to nobody

• do not try to defy a state with a familiy home…

• each phase comes with its own frame of options to negociate

A diferent scenario…

Live on the ocean in the way, most people who live a “subdue to nobody life”, already do.

Keep politics out of it

Defy nobody


Our group can build something like that, (or any other shape the custormer requires) from advanced cement composite material (not high price resins) at half the cost of the “Thai middlefinger”…

Boats and islands made from advanced cement composite material can be delivered in any desired surface finish - including white classic yacht finish.

“Solving the ocean colonization technology bottleneck” does not mean to confront governments, it means building floating living space, in a cost frame that average people can afford, and that can compete with land housing.

You simply live “anwhere on the world oceans where weather and neighbours are friendly” - and that is all “political statement” we need.

Postulate: it is not necessary to claim a specific territory - this is 19.Century nationalist grounded state retro think…exactly the thing we try to make obsolete - and exactly the thing that gets you in trouble. (sealand, liberland, the list is long )


A different Scenario:

| floating business headquarters | global mobile | subdue to nobody | the rich do it already | live and work on the world ocean permanently | no we don´t call it seasteading - we call it yachting | it is not punishable by death - not even in Thailand | and yes - it is a kind of secession | even so - yachting was welcome in Thailand the last time i looked… |

Following the theory that the unproportional violent reaction of the Thai Navy might be triggered by something we are not told or we are not aware of…

• The spar looks very much like Flip-Ship

• Flip ship is a acoustic laboratory financed by the US Navy laying cientific ground work for detecting submarines (acoustic channels between water layers etc… some say you can hear a submarine leaving base in Vladivostok from the caribbean in ideal sound channel conditions…with the right equipment…that includes Flip Ship…)

• If there is a military base in Phuket, where some secret submarine activity is going on, the submarines going in and out of this base, would have to pass the spar, which would be an ideal acoustic observation platform to spy on that activity…

…in that case the agressive move of the Thai Navy becomes understandable.

Chad might have steped on toes he did not even know that they existed.

…in fact a google search tells us there is a military base

There is also a submarine agenda where Thailand is playing a specific role … probably not the best place to erect the middle finger of bitcoin powered personal freedom against …

| thruster setup on a ocean sphere | ocean sphere read more | ocean sphere pictures |


| ocean sphere | a single sphere | most space enclosure with least cost and construction material use | optimized geometry | certain mobility | a variety of the bubble cluster structure concept |

A clear indicator that for the thais it is more about a suspected "acoustics bouy" with a US communication specialist on board ... than seasteading....

Police open door to no death penalty charge over Phuket seastead case

PHUKET: The police investigator tasked with the Royal Thai Navy complaint against American Chad Elwartowski and his Thai partner Supranee Thepdet over the ‘seastead’ built south of Phuket told The Phuket News today (Apr 19) that he will not move to charge the couple under Section 119 – which may incur the death penalty – if he finds no evidence that the structure threatens national security.

Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/police-open-door-to-no-death-penalty-charge-over-phuket-seastead-case-71151.php#gOE5WED8jIk3HeXd.99

It is almost a bit like the issue with the white shark attacs - they dont´t chase humans - they just confuse the identity and take them on as seals...Chad might have been bitten for completly non seasteading related reasons...

This actually opens a way to step out of this confrontation unconvenient for both sides - the Thai get recognized that no such thing, that could be used to spy on them, gets placed permanently in the mobility corridor of their submarines, and the charges against Chad get dropped - end of the story.

Rear Admiral Kritsana Kultiya, Chief of Staff of the Royal Thai Navy Command Third Area Command, denied that the Navy was hunting American Chad Elwartowski


| oceanic wandering as lifestyle | nature did it | ditch the territorial border, state, concept | become a global citicen | go galt | go whale | go global | offshoring the megatrend of the century |

context :

asian sandwars | liquid real estate | the nation state concept dissolving |

| the big luxury version | more info

| whales are not asked for passports when navegating our oceanic planet doing their business globally |

Did you know that passports did not exist before 1918 - they where invented during the nationalistic frenzy and madness that pushed us stright into WW1 followed by WW2 - the rest is history… before this time people born on this planet, simply where free to go wherever they considered convenient…

Time to go back - learn from history - build back on “we against them” nonsense, become global, collaboration network integrated, smarter orientated, less ruled, less manipulated, less propaganda moved and more peaceful in building up a society of empathy and consented values instead of subduing …

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