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Business Case | Background |

• The medical profession is littered by buerocratic hindering of a sclerotic sistem that leads to results far below what free science and progress can deliver.

• We belive that a free medical sistem, operating in the interference free space of the ocean, can deliver much more including an increase in treatment ethics.

• Better Service
• More Economic Service
• Better Technology | stem cell | printing technology | advanced treatments |

| Artist impression | floating medical treatment center | floating medical research center | oceanic freedom | medical profession going Galt |

Token Agreement:

We are offering this token with the intention to build and operate a floating medical treatment platform.

We have it all figured out so we can start building as soon as a “critical mass” of tokens is purchased . (initial capital needed USD 1 M - that is a equivalent of 200.000 tokens sold )

The token agreement is basicly you buy your token and get a foothold in the venture in proportion to the token amount (total venture value, and profit divided by token number) The token owners own the complete venture, its profit, its real estate, its patent values, anything.
The token owners are silent financial partners who are not involved in day to day decisions, but they have the "last word" and "ultimate oversight" in the venture. (voting on token weighted base - token owner assembly).

For this project it is convenient to talk the details (of what exactly we will do and how) in private under an NDA agreement.

To get access to the boardroom for this project please contact | info@tolimared.com |

There is more info on the token agreement, but to get this info, you must own tokens, and have access to the token owner boardroom, where the "detail steering" of the token is agreed upon with this token community on a token owneship weighted voting base.

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Everybody can be part of our ventures now… | token list |

context | TSI and medical seasteading

| floating hospital as it exists now

| context |

| Dr.Devi Shetty | Low cost health care | oceanic medical treatment | going galt on medical political interference | patient choice - state choice |

| free choice of code guarantee for progress | how our future is regulated out of existance | the cost of overregulation | why medical treatment is so expensive | avoid nanny state | fasttrack medical progress | stem cell treatment | cancer treatment | degenerative disease |

• Bureaucracy kills by making advanced treatement options unavailable to patients

To Save Money American Doctors and Patients Meet in Cancun