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| What about methods or apparatus to clump together liveaboard sailboats / yachts, to turn those into (temporary or long-term) communities ?

That is exactly the approach here:

Yachties keep living on their sailboats or houseboats but they do it without being battered by the waves of the open sea - and having access to infrastructure like water treatment and grocery stores…

It is like living in a marina, just the marina is not a “port” but a bigger floating structure in itself.

The whole thing is moored, capable of windfaning like a Floating Production Vessel (FPSO)…that is feasibility tested technology already.

This feature provides a big bow that can deal with ocean waves and create comfort for small yachts and houseboats to raft up without loosing the mobility card and the “vote with your boat” function.

In case a king starts to bulley the whole marina can move, in case the marina admin starts to pass unconsented rules the boats can move.

So it is a way to get the best of all aproaches and cast it into a feasible project.

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