| create cheap living space on the ocean | poor man's floating island |

| researching ways to cheaply create more land, so everyone can have their own plot unencumbered by existing sovereignty claims

That is very much the bottom line of the matter…one of our research projects is called “poor man’s floating island” -

It was originated by the need for floating homes in the flood plains of the Magdalena River.

The Government wanted a investigation what is the absolute cheapest way to get a floating home.

Our answer to the request was the traditional wood hut built on top of a platform of light cement composite material.

In the years to follow we developed that further to a advanced cement composite technology that we call “Floating Rock”

In the project it became obvious that you would be better off to bild a shell right away of the material instead of building a floating platform and a wooden hut on top of it.

What lead us directly to more advanced structures like this…

We call that the bubble cluster structure seastead…

The Tanka the Uros and other floating folk are using wood and improvised rafts to float out their lives on the watersurface…i think now we can do much better…