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When you build stuff on the watersurface you need to float out something you can stand on.
There are several methods to arrange that.

• The most obvious is building on land - and then take the piece to the water as you do with boats.

As stuff becomes bigger the transition from land to water gets more and more difficult needs more and more specialized and expensive installations to get it done - shipyards, slipways, portal cranes, drydocks, graving docks …

• So the obvious question is why not come up with a method that allows you building directly on the watersurface.


building methods | lilght | medium | heavy |

ways to build a first floating nucleus


| modular cube assembly | the cubes here have 2-5 cm wall thickness |


The box assemby with roof forming a nucleus you can start building on…


| a 4 x 1.5 m box from the testing site in cartagena | wall thickness 2-5cm | medium method | fiber component sticking out | build up of the walls in a printing process |


| light honeycomb shell with only 5mm wall thickness |

| floating rock | advanced cement composite | light composite building | a layer of floating material can be spread out directly on the watersurface to get a foundation to build on |


| arthuro standing on a mini floating plate built from a fiber cement material - from this point on the plate can grow working the border that is always over the waterline while the build gets heavier bigger and sinks deeper |

| you see the fiber component of the composite sticking out of the material on the bord which allows a seamless connecting of the next building round… |


| industrial sized version of building a floating nucleus | the rion antirion bridge pilon | building it in a graving dock and floating it out | note rebar sticking out to connect what is comming later |


| floating building site organized around a floating nucleus | hebron bull arm |


the ocean is the assembly line