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Price analysis floating Real estate

Building Methods

the range is:

USD 20 / square meter | for the poor man´s floating island methods.

USD 50 - 166 / square meter | for the ultra light freeforming methods | walls of 5 mm are possible | check on “Floating Rock

USD 150-300 | for medium methods wall thickness 5 cm | dot printing | special cast | and lamination methods | projected concrete | ferrocement |

USD 300-800 | for heavy cast methods | the usual industrial boxy stuff | standard marine concrete engineering form and cast.
All the above prices must be understood as derived from a specific pilot project. They are money input (into the project) / square meter output (at project end) - figures include all costs that are asociated to the project - not only materials and labor .

Singapore Landfill operation come at USD 700 per square meter - so floating real estate is definitly competitive on the existing market.

Real Estate Developer Ted Amenta ( @tamenta ) would consider USD 500 per square meter (USD 50 per square foot) competitive ground with land based real estate developments.
Here in the Cartagena area we have real estate prices for shoreside real estate that suggest that we can sell a floating real estate square meter at a market price of about 102 times the money it cost our group to build it. That has “GOOD BUSINESS” and “Investment worthy” written all over the development horizon.


NemoToken™ (floating real estate development token)

Cholon Cartagena floating home cluster development ( USD 98K for 2600 sqft )